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My Busy Weekend

Hey loves I am so sorry I have been really MIA lately. See my dad got his job back but it’s in another state. So me and my mom had to move him into an apartment. So now he’s gone & that’s hard for me & my mom. The workload is also hard because I seem to have little to no time for my twitter friends & I miss you all. But I will work hard to keep up.
Yesterday I went to my Papa’s house with my mom & picked up sticks in his yard & then me & my mom went to get his groceries. I swept his kitchen, hallway, living room & bathroom. Then we didn’t get back home until late.
Today, I made my parents’ bed, changed my sheets to my flannel ones & then made my up my bed, vacuumed upstairs, swept both bathrooms upstairs, cleaned both bathroom upstairs, & made a cake. LOL yes I just said I made a cake. It turned out quite well actually. It’s a Pumpkin Pecan Poundcake(: Then tonight me & my mom made some really good icing to drip over it & then I added some whole pecans to the top for a little decor. It turned out so pretty that I took some pictures of it.
Tonight after we finished the icing we cut some & took it to our elderly neighbor Donnie(: She’s 70 something but it kind of like a grandmother to me. Both of my grandmothers are no longer living. I was really close with my dad’s mom but my mom’s mom died when I was 4 so I don’t remember her all that much, which is pretty sad :/
Anyways our neighbor Donnie is also an Adam Lambert fan which is really cool for someone her age(: She loved him on Idol and loves all the merch stuff I have & his pictures from Idol & that I got to see him in concert & the autograph I got. I also keep her updated on where he is since he’s on his International Glam Nation tour.
Sooo there ya have it, now you are caught up on my life(:
Hope everyone is doing well!

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  • 3 years ago
  • Nov 07, 2010