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"That’s the funny thing- I’d been out since I was 18. But when you all of a sudden, overnight, go into everybody’s TV sets and you’re a household name. Essentially with American Idol, you have to kind of go back and introduce some the of basics, like ‘what’s your sexuality?’ I was like the first out American pop star to sign a major mainstream thing. We’re in an interesting climate in America with sexuality. It’s a very hot issue right now. It presses a lot of buttons. And so at the time, that was a big milestone. And after that, with Trespassing, apparently I was the first out musician to have a number one album. I didn’t know that either. I didn’t know that these milestones hadn’t been met and actually was very surprised that it was me that was doing it." -Adam Lambert

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  • Sep 04, 2012
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